The Finest Hunting Pure Albidus Goshawks Available

These Are Simply .... The Best

**** Pure Albidus birds for 2017 ****

New Pure Albidus Line from unrelated Birds will be available this season from a first ever crossing of direct birds from Dr H Link and K Sherry Pure Albidus Birds. This much needed fresh blood will be just what the very close lines that are being bred from in the UK off  purebred stock needs.

For The 2017 Breeding season, We will be breeding only the Best of Pure Albidus Goshawks which come from New UNRELATED lines of Pure Albidus created from the 2 best lines available in Europe! white and silver, male and female birds 

Contact Us for prices or any other information required, We Offer various rearing methods and 100%  Guaranteed quality diet from day one, providing a healthy, Fit and well balanced chick.

So for the best quality that you can buy and trust contact leeshawks to book your new youngster here. 

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