The Finest Hunting Pure Albidus Goshawks Available

These Are Simply .... The Best

I have been Flying Birds of prey since I was A teenager, being involved with Goshawks since 1997/98 and finally taking on my first imprint Goshawk in 2001 which i bought of my good friend Glyn Thompson in the form of a male Finnish Bird I called Buster, He taught me plenty and at the age of 2 he was giving me semen after studying all the lack of information available back then. By the summer of 2003 I had successfully bred Finnish X German Chicks which did not survive and I made an error which taught me a severe lesson, 2004 seen good success and we managed to breed a few birds, re-investing heavily in the project buying in good lines to hunt in the field and then produce young from and build up a good quality project. After a few years of breeding from the Finnish lines available I wanted to find some fresh blood to the UK, Blood that would put some fresh genetics and have birds that was no way related no matter how far down the line you looked. 

I travelled to Europe and was only interested in the fresh blood aspect of it all to start with to try and widen the genetics between our birds back home, However more birds was seen with a different appearance and of a different subspecies or so it was claimed, So  more was learnt and even more birds was bought in and these were successfully hunted in the field and then proven in the breeding pens, After a few years of breeding these perfectly good birds and finding that uncertainty surrounded many of these Birds and still does to this day, The attitude expressed that "All Austringer's are stupid and they will not know" did not sit well with me and the breeding problems that many of the birds purchased had like half dead semen and infertility due to X rays being carried out at the health check done between 12 and 21 days old by the local friend and vet, I eventually realised it was not really in the interest of the "Fair nice salesman" to be selling birds that would eventually be competition towards themselves, So with that problem being discovered so another change was needed, Pure Albidus birds which In my opinion are available from only 2 reputable Breeders in Europe was bought in, After visiting probably all the famous names who had and bred these Types of Goshawks in Europe I Slowly but surely bought the birds. These have been attained to the requirements of myself and to satisfy my own personal taste and desire to have birds traceable back to the wild and from breeders that are undoubtedly the real deal with no fancy names or breeding tricks to be conning unaware purchasers wishing to improve and invest in their own stock.

For my last 5 seasons I have chosen to fly white birds of various degree's and I choose to keep on flying them, they have a drive and tenacity that I find amazing and pleasing to watch, I do feel that they pursue quarry further and I also think that they are faster but that is my personal feelings and my personal choice, My pure female Willow is an outstanding hunter and with well over 200 head of feather to her name in 2 seasons the proof is in the pudding! I am hoping to produce from her this coming season and I am looking forward to hunting her again next year although a white male from her would be tempting to try.

Here at Leeshawks we pride ourselves on breeding quality, we feed only the best food from day one and nothing is skipped, good food leads to strong healthy chicks, it is the only way to raise Goshawks and to expect the best from them. We can rear to your requirements if you book early enough for parent reared we can have them raised from 3 - 4 days old from receiving DNA conformation of the sexing although we never rear single birds alone and would probably have one or two extra birds in with mother fully enclosed and fed through a food chute with no human contact.

We can imprint your bird within a group or individually until the A10 arrives and then you can take your youngster away and continue to rear to your own requirements and methods.

So my hopes for 2017 are that the previously acquired birds, Crystal, A Dr H Link Albidus female and Drake, A very nice Keith Sherry Pure Albidus Male will breed and produce fine young, I believe the female is the only one of her breeding within the UK to my knowledge, Once they have been crossed and I have successfully produced from these two fine examples, I believe that these will be a first and a new crossed line of the 2 best available Albidus blood lines and one that I look forward to flying hard in the field and proving them as fine hunting birds, Fingers are Crossed. So for 2017 after a disappointing year in 2016 after we got so close to crossing these two lines we march onward and upwards With new H Link birds purchased including a semen donor, we will be producing only Pure birds from crosses of these two lines and having the only pure Helmut Link birds in the UK these will be also crossed with each other to produce some exciting new lines that no one has done ever.

One thing you can be sure of is a straight forward transaction with a full health guarantee of your new bird, No Bull, No fancy names or claims of origin, just straight birds with traceable and proven back grounds from excellent blood lines tried and tested, you are fully welcome to come watch me fly my hunting birds and see them in action if required, you can also see parents to your youngster in the flesh on collection or pre arranged visit. So for good, honest straight forward Goshawks you can be sure of contact us with your requirements.   

We also Export worldwide and are experienced in exporting to Europe and The rest of the world subject to you health certificate requirements. please contact us for further information and for quotations.

Wishing you All Good Hawking for the Future!

Lee's Hawks