Crystal:  A pure Albidus female supplied from 1 of probably only 2 breeders in Europe who's stock is fully traceable back to the wild and without any question of their origins or purity of their stock. Crystal is the only Imprint white female from Dr Helmut Link in the UK that I know of and with help from a very good Dutch Friend who made contact and helped in arranging my visit to meet Dr Link at short notice one year, I then made further visits and phone calls and many many emails to obtain her from his excellent stock, Crystal is to be inseminated with Drake who was Bred by Keith Sherry who owns the other stable of which his stock has no Questions of Origin. Once these two have produced the line will be a new one and I hope to see some special birds from them and hunt these in the field myself.


Quartz i
s a 2016 pure Albidus Female from Dr Helmut Link, she is extremely white and a nice size, unrelated to Crystal she is a excellent stamp of a bird for sure, I know that the young off her and drake will be amazing

as an Eyas in 2017:

Kate kate is the very first bird produced from a K, Sherry and Dr Link cross ever produced from the two blood lines that i or Helmut know of. getting whiter in hr second year, she is an amazing stamp and has made a superb hunting partner showing all the attributes expected of a pure Albidus bird and taking on extremely long flights successfully and also being a dab hand with taking the brown hare as well as all feather.

Taji: Taji is a 2018 younger sister of kate and the first silver female i have produced from the K.Sherry X Dr Link crossing, she has been flown a little but is being kept back along with her white sister Meghan for breeding stock, i cannot wait to see her when she changes into that stunning silver adult bird that we all love to see. Her temperament and stamp is superb.

Meghan: Meghan is the full sister to Taji from 2018 and younger sister to Kate, she has been flown hard by good friend and superb Austringer Craig Smith, she has developed into a great hunting machine with good temperament and style, Meghan again is being kept back for future breeding stock to develop this bloodline as good as i can get it to be coming from unquestionable quality blood lines.

Brother to these three females was also a stunning silver

Celina: Celina is a home bred female from a few years ago she was bred from Bruno and Skye and was a stunning 3/4 silver female, she was kept by a friend in a display centre and she has recently come back to me. she is a stunning silver bird and i think any of my males here will produce nice young from her, i may use Drake or Helmut or even Mayweather the 3/4 white Male with her.