Crystal:  A pure Albidus female supplied from 1 of probably only 2 breeders in Europe who's stock is fully traceable back to the wild and without any question of their origins or purity of their stock. Crystal is the only Imprint white female from Dr Helmut Link in the UK that I know of and with help from a very good Dutch Friend who made contact and helped in arranging my visit to meet Dr Link at short notice one year, I then made further visits and phone calls and many many emails to obtain her from his excellent stock, Crystal is to be inseminated with Drake who was Bred by Keith Sherry who owns the other stable of which his stock has no Questions of Origin. Once these two have produced the line will be a new one and I hope to see some special birds from them and hunt these in the field myself.


Willow: A Pure Albidus White Female bred by Steve Rothwell off  Drake a pure silver Albidus Keith Sherry Male and Alice a pure Albidus Keith Sherry White Female (of which i have bought both parents and aunties to add to my stock here) Willow is a superb hunter, very fast and furious, taking over 200 head of feathered game in 2 seasons and fur as well, she is indeed one of the best I have ever seen or had the pleasure to fly.


ALICE: A Pure Albidus White Female bred by Keith sherry and Mother too Willow, Alice is a very nice addition too my Mews, I Also have a Clutch sister who is Very White and i am looking forward to producing a few birds of the same calibre as Willow from both, I have not flown these two as they are bought in stock from 1 of the 2 best lines in Europe. You Can See the quality in them.


Quartz is a 2016 pure Albidus Female from helmut link, her sister will also be joining us soon here and pictures of her will follow shortly.