Drake: A Pure Keith Sherry Bred Silver Male Produced From His Original stock, in 2015, I had the opportunity to purchase some pure stock from a good friend that has retired from Goshawk breeding  I had already bought pure birds produced by Drake, a white female and silver male (willow & Tyson his daughter and son) in 2014. He is a stunning male and I am hoping to produce from him and my Link Pure Female a first ever crossing of these two pure lines, I am sure these youngsters will be absolutely superb, i also will be inseminating 3 other pure females from KS breeding and some select 3/4 birds.


Helmut: He is a pure silver Albidus male from Helmut Link and the very first semen donor to be imported into the UK, he is an important cornerstone for my project here and will be inseminating the sherry Pure females here and hopefully producing never produced before birds from these 2 lines of the purest birds available to us.

ALI: A 7/8th Silver Male produced from one of Keith Sherry's White Albidus Male into A 3/4 Silver Female that came from German Decent, He Entered at 2lb exactly and took a good amount of Pheasant in his short career, bought for his blood line and for the breeding project, His stunning looks and size will pass on to his off spring we are sure, he also carry's the white genetic and has produced white male and females in 2015.